Tally Dascom 2610 - The ultra modern and feature rich design serial matrix printer!

Dascom Asia Pacific, the AP headquarters of  Dascom Group, a well structured leader who offers a complete range of impact printing solutions and marketer of ‘Tally’, ‘TallyDascom’ serial matrix, thermal and POS printers and ‘TallyGenicom’ line printers  today are introducing the newest member of the serial matrix printer family, Tally Dascom 2610!  The High Speed up to 680 cps and Most Versatile 24-pin SIDM printer in terms of paper handling and connectivity in the market today!



Like its big brothers the Tally Dascom 2610 is equipped with the well defined, intuitive control panel, a traditional feature had incorporated in the Tally 2000 series printers for the past 20 years.  The user-friendly clear text LCD display, enables the user programme the printer through the easy-to-understand commands in five languages.  As we move towards modern connectivity by incorporating built-in Ethernet interface, the panel is now even more important to have as the user can simply key in the IP address directly on the panel.  Although all settings can be adjusted with utmost convenience via the LCD display,  availability of the Ethernet interface with a built-in web browser and virtual display panel means there is the choice to manage the device from anywhere using the internet or the Web, and this without the need to purchase and install any additional software.


Fitted with parallel, USB and Ethernet interfaces as standard, Tally Dascom 2610 can be connected to almost any EDP system.  An optional serial interface completes the possible range of ports.  The large input buffer of 256 Kbyte makes the Tally Dascom 2610 independent of printing  job size and seamless for use in a network.


Some users preferred front paper loading, some preferred rear paper loading, some needs top pull for thick heavy paper.  So, Tally Dascom 2610 makes all feasible!  A removable tractor caters to individual needs.  By purchasing an additional tractor, user can pre-load two types of paper forms.  A metal tear-off edge ensures a clean separation when the continuous paper needs to be torn off following a print job.  Cut sheets can be reliably fed from the front via the flat bed paper guide and can be programmed to present the output at the top or back at the paper guide depending on the application needs.  That’s called versatility!


Whether you print delivery notes, labels, reports, statements, invoices or other critical documents, DASCOM offer the advanced technology and custom solutions that keep your business running.  Our products are used in most major industries including banking, logistics, retail, healthcare, automotive, manufacturing, telecommunications, government, public safety, aviation, transportation and warehousing/distribution.


For more information, do visit our website at www.dascom.com.sg



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