• 5130/5130P

    • Up to 600 cps
    • Prints on thick documents (up to 2.8 mm)
    • "Place Anywhere” automatic alignment of
      forms and passbooks
    • Automatic gap adjustment of print head
    • USB, Parallel and Serial Interface standard
      with auto select function

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  • 5130/5130P

    Print Speed 600 cps (Fastest Mode); 400 cps (HS Draft); 300 cps (Draft), 100 cps (LQ) at 10 cpi
    Resolution Up to 360 x 360 dpi
    Character Density 10, 12, 15, 16.6, 17.1, 20, 24 cpi
    Line Density 5, 6, 8 lpi
    Printhead Life 400 million strokes
    Memory 64 KB
    Standard Connectivity Parallel (Bi-directional), Serial RS 232 und USB 2.0
    Standard Emulation IBM ProPrinter XL24, Epson (ESC P/2), Olivetti PR2e/PR40/PR50/PR2845
    Fonts Draft, Courier, Roman, Sans Serif, Prestige, Script, Orator, Gothic, Elite, OCR-A/B
    Consumables Ribbon: 4 million characters
    Standard Paper Handling Cut sheet from the front with automatic alignment
    Additional rear push tractor (only 5130T model)
    Number of Copies 1 original + 4 copies
    Paper Type Cut sheets, multi-part forms, passbooks with a thickness up to 2,8 mm, fanfold paper (only 5130T model)
    Paper Weight 52 - 157 g/m² (Cut sheet)
    64 - 100 g/m² (Fanfold)
    Paper Size Width: 60 to 245 mm (Cut sheet)
    Width: 101,6 to 241,3 mm (Fanfold)
    Physical Weight 9 kg
    Physical Size 384 x 313 x 203 mm (W x D x H)
    Acoustic (ISO 7779) < 55 dB(A)
    Power Voltage 230 V - 50/60 Hz
    Power Consumption 3,9 Watt Stand-By
    Temperature +5° to +40° C; 10% to 90% humidity
    Workload 5,000 transactions per month
    MTBF 10,000 hours
    Drivers Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8 and Server 2003/2008
    Standard Warranty One Year with Printhead inclusive

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  • 5130/5130P

    Tally Dascom’s 5130 flat bed printer is designed to handle the most difficult cut sheet forms easily and reliably. For those applications where there is a requirement for a mixture of cut sheet and continuous paper there is a version with tractors. The printer is ideal for front office applications in banks, retail outlets, doctor’s surgeries, where a wide range of media is used.


     The printer’s flat bed design provides reliable paper handling. With advance features such as ”place anywhere”, automatic Paper Alignment, auto Gap Adjustment and automatic paper position sensing 5130 offer unsurpassed ease of use. Media placed “anywhere” on the input shoot is automatically aligned to the print position and without further need for paper thickness or print position adjustment the document is presented for printing.


    With up to 600 characters per second print speed the 5130 rapidly processes media of diverse types ranging from passbooks and cheques to receipts and information sheets up to 9.4 inches (245 mm) wide. The 24 pin print head ensures that every document is produced in high quality with crisp text.


    The 5130 is robust, durable, and easy to use supporting a wide range of on demand printing applications at the front office.

  • 5130/5130P
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